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Practical Martial Arts Techniques 

for Peaceful Empowerment

If you are tired of the "kick-butt and take names" mentality of many current Martial Arts schools, you may find us the perfect fit for assisting you in your training goals. We believe that Martial Arts is much more than learning "how to hurt a guy". Find out the full extent of what we have to offer for those of you who are looking for peaceful empowerment.

Join Our Dojo of Warrior Friends 

Rising Sun Martial Arts Academy is a traditional Martial Arts dojo.  The dojo is a training hall or a "place for learning the way."   We focus on assisting each individual toward their personal goals of self-improvement and self-defense for practical,         real-life situations. Our Buyu of "warrior friends" support each other rather than the more modern focus of competition between fellow students.

Improve your Health and Mental Attitude 

We offer Master-level training in various styles of Martial Arts. Martial Arts can provide multiple benefits, including confidence, discipline, coordination, and a respectful attitude. You will see your overall fitness and mental focus improve while learning life enhancing skills in a fun atmosphere led by committed experienced instructors.


Practice outside in the park in Orcutt 

& NEW inside location in Guadalupe  

Train  outside in the park in Orcutt on Saturday mornings and inside in Gualalupe on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 

Rising Sun Martial Arts is currently providing training for Teens to Adult onlyFor more details please call.  You must be invited to attend - please do not just show up

We will continue to follow health guidelines per county and state requirements along with any specific requirements of our current locations

We Are Not Your Typical 

Martial Arts Studio! 

Our mission is to inspire our students to find peace, health, and happiness through self-discovery using ancient wisdom and modern-day understanding toward the ultimate goal of assisting each individual in becoming a more enlightened being - fully able to live a life of power and abundance.

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